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Hi, I'm Blake.

By day I’m a software developer and at night I do creative things, including 2D/3D art and game development.  This site contains some of the creative projects I’ve worked on.

Game of Life Simulator

This is an implementation of the Game of Life – a cellular automata simulation.  It’s a game that illustrates how interesting patterns  emerge from a few simple rules.

I wrote this in Javascript/React. The code is available on Bitbucket.

Meegles Frontier

I’m currently working on a top-down, management simulation called “Meegles Frontier”.  Follow along with development progress on the devlog.


I wrote electronic music for many years under the name “Sepia Filter”.  Most tracks are available on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms.  I also released a few ambient pieces under the name “Transmissions”.


Digital 3D